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1RTLS® is a supplement to today's fire and evacuation systems, and will, in contrast to today's passive light and sign systems allow a continuous real-time overview of the localization, identification and stearable guidance for people and thus give the opportunity to direct rescuers focus on areas / people who are hindered in escape / evacuation. The system is managed and operated by a tailor made web-based graphical user interface (GUI) and make it possible to change the evacuation direction by an automatic input from the firealarm system or manually by an operator on- or off the site.

LLL (Low Located Lights - Emergency Lights)

This is the world first dynamic and wireless bi-directional (steerable) emergency light made with the long and unfamiliar corridors in mind. The TC-LLL will guide you with the use of green and red LED lights, where green is always showing the safest way. Follow the greens. The emergency lights normally runs in a preset default setting, but the direction can be changed automatic by the FAS (fire alarm system) or manually by an operator. The LLL is wireless and are not dependent on power supply in the buildings.Easy to retro fit. Each LLL communicates independently with the rest of the system and has its own unique RF identification and fixed location in the building. LLL comes in a CE or a CE & MED (Maritime Equipment Directive) version.

< Following green leads your valuable guests and staff to the nearest safe exit >


Mobile is an all in one unit for employees, staff, crew, rescuers and vip. Additional to the ID, Location and Evacuation, this unit can give silent messages on tasks to all, groups or individuals - and have a slide in solution for standard ISO size ID-Card.  Optional alarms, sensors and message functions. Customized formatted 2.0'' display with tailor made touchbuttons (e.g. panic, alarm etc.), can also, by symbol show the safest escape route , or e.g. the nearest lifeboat or mustering station. Our most advanced model has also a 2-way beeper function.  The Mobile, complies to CE, but is also available as an EX / ATEX approved version for use in explosive areas.

What is DASH7 ?

The DASH7 Alliance Protocol (D7A) is an Open Standard for bi-directional wireless communication tailored for sensor-actuator applications. D7A stems from ISO 18000-7 for Active RFID and operates in the sub-GHz ISM bands. You can freely download the latest D7A version 1.1 specifications from

D7A fills the gap between the Short and the Large Area Networks. D7A excels in urban and industrial network installations connecting actuators and messaging applications (sensors, alarms, states) with ranges up to 500 m.

D7A has very efficient energy-per-bit characteristics and can sustain fluidly an important uplink messaging throughput. It allows reactive downlink access and over-the-air (OTA) code upgrade.


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